Mindleap - Proud Member of the InSA Team
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We are a team of 24 independent facilitators country-wide with the same passion - we work together for an inclusive South Africa where social justice will prevail.  

Some of our team members have been facilitating Diversity and Inclusion Workshops since 1993, but we do have some very young facilitators who represent the new generation.
South Africans desperately need to be transformed and this is where we add value. 

We facilitate in teams of two people each, representing the main world view groups in our country, and the two sexes: e.g. one black male would facilitate with one white female or one black female would facilitate with one white male. 

We are very well positioned in SA and have a national footprint.  In 2017, we were able to deliver 77 workshops in 10 weeks’ time.

We have trained more than 7 800 employees around the country to be in a position to embrace diversity in their work environments. 

We refer you to our website for more information on our many clients over the years:

InSA exists because we believe in an inclusive South Africa. 
The purpose of our D&I workshops and related development opportunities like Climate or Engagement Surveys, Coaching for Inclusive Leadership, Two-day Inclusive Leadership programmes etc on offer, is to create an environment where all people, regardless of race, language, ethnic groups, religion, gender, sexual orientation, social-economic or educational backgrounds, etc. will demonstrate respect and insight for one another so as to enable them to function together better to help realise the vision of your organisation.  Each participant is equipped to optimise his/her potential to contribute to harmony and social cohesion towards building an inclusive culture.   


Changing a Mindset